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Gallstone Ileus (CT) Classical findings: small bowel obstruction; gas in biliary tree; large ectopic gallstone (Rigler triad).

Unknown Pregnancy (CT, 3D Render)

Unknown Pregnancy on CT / 3D Rendering Courtesy: Dr. Gaspar-Alberto Motta-Ramirez MD (radRounds Radiology Network Member)

Pneumobilia (CT)

Pneumobilia (CT) Case courtesy of Dr. Saeed Rad MD (radRounds Radiology Network Member)

Rickets (X-Ray)

Case from Dr. Howard Forman at Yale via Twitter: "You don’t see this every day in the emergency department! (In fact have...

Fibrous Dysplasia (CT)

Fibrous Dysplasia Diagnosis: Fibrous dysplasia Modality: CT 3D Render Findings: 3D CT...

Parasite (Hydatid Disease) of the Lungs (CT)

Pulmonary hydatid infection from echinococcosis granulosus. Lifecycle of cystic echinococcosis

Complete Achilles Rupture (MRI)

Complete Achilles Rupture (MRI) Complete Achilles rupture noninsertional. Gap 2.2 cmDesgarro completo tendon calcaneo. Source: Araceli Cabanillas...

CT scanner gantry full speed rotation Source: YouTube - CT scanner gantry full speed rotation. A CT scanner with covers off...


Diagnosis: Osteopoikilosis Source: Dr. Runalaila Soofi MD (radRounds Radiology Network Member)

Scottish dog sign

Scotty Dog Sign The Scottie or Scottish dog or Terrier sign refers to the normal appearance of the lumbar spine...

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