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Pneumomediastinum and Diffuse Subcutaneous Emphysema

Diagnosis: Pneumomediastinum and diffuse subcutaneous emphysema Modality: CT

Traumatic Aortic Injury

History: Patient was texting and driving. Modality:...

Dislocation of Thumb (X-Ray)

Diagnosis: Dislocation of the thumb Modality: X-Ray Credit: Submitted by radiologist...

Right lung complete collapse – CXR

Diagnosis: Complete right lung collapse (Atelectasis) Modality: X-Ray Credit: Case submitted...

Type A – Aortic Dissection (CT)

Thoracic aortic dissection is commonly divided according to the Stanford classification into type A (involving the ascending...

Clavicle fracture

Diagnosis: Left clavicle fracture Modality: X-Ray Credit: Case submitted by radiologist...

Pineal Tumor

Diagnosis: Pineal tumor Summary: There is a well-defined, lobulated, heterogeneously-enhancing mass seen in the...


This 33 male patient gave a history of recent travel 3 months of fevers, shoulder tip pain,...

Splenic Rupture – CT Coronal

Diagnosis: Splenic rupture with intraperitoneal hemorrhage Modality: CT Credit: Case submitted...

Inguinoscrotal bladder hernia

Diagnosis: Inguinalscrotal bladder herniation

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