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Superficially Spreading Pharyngeal Carcinoma

Superficially Spreading Pharyngeal Carcinoma - X Ray Barium swallow demonstrating heterogeneously appearing filling defects in the pharynx consistent...

Miliary Tuberculosis (X-Ray)

Frontal View CXR - Miliary TB What is Miliary Tuberculosis? Manifestation and one form of...

Shotgun Injury to the Knee (X-Ray)

Multiple metallic particles from shotgun BBs - Xray

Gardner Polyposis (Fluoroscopic Image)

Gardner Polyposis - Fluoro Image Courtesy: Dr. Saeed Rad MD (radRounds Radiology Network Member)

Compressive Pneumothorax (CT, 3D)

Pneumothorax - 3D Rendering from CT via Dr. Celine Rodriguez MD (radRounds Radiology Network)

Luxatio Erecta (X-Ray)

Luxatio Erecta - Xray Luxatio Erecta, otherwise more known as anĀ inferior shoulder dislocationĀ is one of the least common...

Light-bulb Sign (X-Ray)

Light Bulb Sign - X Ray Posterior dislocation of R.shoulder: The humeral head is force placed into internal...

Morton Neuroma (MR)

Morton Neuroma - MRI Morton neuroma: Known as an interdigital or intermetatarsal neuroma. These lesions are focal...

Coffee Bean Sign (X-Ray, KUB)

Coffee Bean Sign - X Ray The coffee-bean sign or kidney bean sign or bent inner tube sign...

String of Pearls Sign (X-Ray)

String of Pearl Sign - X-Ray Erect abdominal radiograph of a patient showing small bubbles of gas trapped...

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