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Shotgun Injury to the Knee (X-Ray)

Multiple metallic particles from shotgun BBs - Xray

Foreign Body – Intraperitoneal Zucchini

Perforated rectum with intraperitoneal zucchini found on CT. Case courtesy of Dr Frank Gaillard,

Sail Sign

Auntminnie: the Sail Sign (X-Ray of Elbow) On the lateral view of this elbow, you can see large...

Gardner Polyposis (Fluoroscopic Image)

Gardner Polyposis - Fluoro Image Courtesy: Dr. Saeed Rad MD (radRounds Radiology Network Member)

What does COVID look like on a chest xray?

(RSNA) Case example of diffuse non-specific airspace opacities in both lungs in an intubated patient with confirmed COVID diagnosis on day 6...

Terry Thomas Sign

An AP wrist plain film, a space is seen between the Scaphoid and the lunate , where...

Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

This patient presented with acute abdominal pain and hypotension. His non-contrast CT shows a large AAA and...

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