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String of Pearls Sign (X-Ray)

String of Pearl Sign - X-Ray Erect abdominal radiograph of a patient showing small bubbles of gas trapped...

Frostberg Sign

Frostberg sign is a radiological sign on upper GI studies that demonstrate effacement of the mucosal barium...

Appendicitis on Coronal CT Image

Appendicitis on Coronal CT Image Appendicitis on Coronal CT Image

Copper Beaten Skull

This 6 month old child has muliple sutural synostosis (sagittal suture and part of the lambdoid sutur)...

Thong / “Flip Flop” Accident

For the international visitor to the site, “thong” is an Australian term for the footwear shown (elsewhere...

Calcified fibroadenoma

Diagnosis: Calcified fibroadenoma (Benign)

Rhabdomyosarcoma of the right neck (CT) Presentation and Findings: 45 year old female presents with an increasing growth on the right neck....

Preseptal Cellulitis (CT of the Face, Axial)

Axial contrast-enhanced CT image of the orbit shows soft tissue thickening of the right preseptal region (between...

Temporal Bone, Inner Ear, Virtual Endoscopy

MDCT of Temporal Bone: Virtual Endoscopy of Normal Ossicular Chain.Well depiction of Hammer, Incus, Staple and Oval...

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