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Thoracic Chondrosarcoma

This 42-year old male presented with a large mass on left-side of the chest wall. The mass...

Traumatic Aortic Injury

This patient was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident. There is a laceration of the...

Distal Clavicle Erosion

Bilateral erosion or absence of the lateral ends of the clavicles may be seen in hyperparathyroidism, rheumatoid...

Aspirated Tooth

This trauma patient had significant craniofacial injuries and aspirated a tooth. It lodged in the right lower...

Hepatic Pyogenic Abscess

This 74 year-old female presented with right upper quadrant pain and fever. CT demonstrates a large irregular...

Fracture of distal ulna – Xray

Musculosketal Imaging / Radiology Teaching Files

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anaemia is an autosomal recessive genetic disease leading to production of a defective form of...

Duodenal Diverticula

This film shows an incidental finding on small bowel series - 2 duodenal diverticula (click image for...

Abscess – MRI Brain

Diagnosis: Brain abscess. For complete description of case, please visit (sponsor of this image)


Geophagia is the practice of eating earth or soil-containing substances including clay, termite mounds, chalk.

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