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Osteochondroma (MRI)

Axial T2-weighted MR image shows an exostosis with a bright cartilagenous cap (arrowheads), which is thin and...

Phthisis Bulbi (CT Scan)

Diagnosis: Phthisis Bulbi Discussion: Phthisis Bulbi is...

Didelphys uterus (MRI)

Diagnosis: Didelphys uterus. Credit: RadsWiki Key Points:

Amebic Liver Abscess on CT

Diagnosis: Amebic Liver abscess- CT scan illustrates large rim enhancing abscess collection with surrounding infiltration and edema.

Jones Fracture (X-Ray)

Diagnosis: Jones Fracture Fracture at proximal 5th metatarsal at metadiaphyseal...

Tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica

Findings include osteocartilaginous nodules within the submucosa of trachea - arises from the cartilage (anterior) component of...

Erlenmeyer Flask Deformity

Erlenmeyer flask appearance of distal femurs can be seen in a number of...

Jaccoud’s arthropathy

- Jaccoud's arthropathy is a chronic deformity characterized by ulnar deviation of the second to fifth fingers...

ET/CT showing FDG avidity in Breast Cancer

A coronal fused PET/CT image shows a large right breast mass with a ring-like FDG uptake (arrows).

DAI – diffuse axonal injury

Diagnosis: DAI - diffuse axonal injury Modality: MRI Source: RadsWiki

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