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Abdomen/Pelvic CT – Complete Mole

Complete Mole is visualized in this female patient.

Foreign Body

Cecal Perforation (CT)

This 52 year old lady presented with sudden onset severe abdominal pain. CT abdomen shows a large...

Neck CT – Cystic Hygroma

Cystic Hygroma Please visit for complete case description.

Achilles Tendon Rupture with Intact Plantaris

Typically, in a young ‘normal’ individual, the Achilles tendon ruptures in the ‘critical zone’, a region of...


Also known as dysgerminoma, or extra-gonadal seminoma, germinomas arise from germ cells, and therefore demonstrate no differentiation....

Erdheim-Chester Disease of the Meninges

Rare condition thought to be a histiocytosis of the non-Langerhans cell type, with widespread manifestations. It is...

Gluteal Injection Site Granulomas

Gluteal injection site granulomas are a very common finding on CT and plain abdominal xrays. They occur...

Pulmonary Emboli (CT)

Axial PECT demonstrating pulmonary emboli

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