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Hemorrhagic Pre-patellar bursitis

via @JanFritzMSK on Twitter - a great radiologist to follow! (Dr. Jan Fritz - MSK and MRI enthusiast | Division Chief of...

Featured IR Case of Day: IVC Filter with Penetration in 15yo patient

This case was posted by Dr. Rahul Patel MD, Interventional Radiologist on Twitter demonstrating IVC Filter with Penetration in a 15 year...

Discitis – Radiograph

This 29 year old IV drug abuser attended his local A & E with back pain. This...

Teaching Case: COVID on Chest CT (Findings)

36‐year‐old male with COVID-19 positive PCR test shows bilateral ground‐glass opacities in the upper lobes with a rounded morphology.

Epidermoid Cyst of the Cerebellopontine Angle.

This patient had a right CPA epidermoid cyst excised 10 years previously. They were lost to follow-up...

Calcified fibroadenoma

Diagnosis: Calcified fibroadenoma (Benign)

Thoracic Spine – Schwannoma CT

Diagnosis: Thoracic Spine - Schwannoma CT

Milk of Calcium

"Milk of calcium" - Dense bile in GB with fluid level.

Water Lily Sign

18 yo female with pulmonary hydatid cysts .Pulmonary echinococcal cysts characteristically present as well-circumscribed, spherical soft tissue...

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