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Beaking in sigmoid volvulus (Parrot!)

Barium enema not only confirms diagnosis of the volvulus or devolves it sometimes, but appearance of a...

Gastric MRI

A nice vegetating duodenal adenocarcinoma shown just like in the conventional barium studies. Oral...

Frostberg Sign

Frostberg sign is a radiological sign on upper GI studies that demonstrate effacement of the mucosal barium...

Carotid Body Tumor – 3D made on 64 Slice MDCT

Carotid Body Tumor - 3D made on 64 Slice MDCT Submitted by Dr. Reza...

Foreign Body – Intraperitoneal Zucchini

Perforated rectum with intraperitoneal zucchini found on CT. Case courtesy of Dr Frank Gaillard,

Anterior dislocation of hip

Frontal view of a CT Pelvis SSD recon showing a very dramatic anteroinferior dislocation of right hip.

Ankle Dislocation

Ankle Dislocation - widening of the ankle mortise medially

Ankle fracture

A 27-year-old woman with fracture of the medial malleolus, widening of the tibiofibular syndesmosis, and a high...

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