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Bone CT – Don Juan’s Fracture

"Don't try to jump out of a window after fleeing from someone's husband." - "Don Juan's Fracture"...

Left Femoral Neck Fracture on X-Ray

Left Femoral Neck Fracture on X-Ray. Turns out to be a negative Throckmorton's sign.

Medullary Nephrocalcinosis

This ultrasound image shows increased echogenicity of the renal medulla (the pyramids are normally hypoechoic to cortex)....

Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

This patient presented with acute abdominal pain and hypotension. His non-contrast CT shows a large AAA and...


This 33 male patient gave a history of recent travel 3 months of fevers, shoulder tip pain,...

Radiological Sign: Chilaiditi Sign

Radiological Sign: Chilaiditi Sign: "Chilaiditi syndrome" is essentially the anterior interposition of the large bowel relative to...

Traumatic Lens Dislocation

This patient had blunt trauma to the eye. His ocular ultrasound shows echogenic vitreous due to haemorrhage...

Calcified Portal Vein Thrombosis

Not only CT but plain film also may show calcified thrombus in portal vein and its tributaries.

MR Lipohemarthrosis

Sag T2 MR of the knee shows a fat fluid level in the suprapatellar region and associated...

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