Presentation and Finding: 33 year old female patient presents to urgent care after reporting an argument and appearing highly anxious. No symptoms reported but patient reveals to physician that she had ingested something that she should not have in the heat of the moment during the argument she reported. A KUB was then taken. Electronic Cigarette (Vaping unit) seen overlying the gastric region on KUB consistent with ingested foreign body.

Key Points: Most swallowed foreign bodies usually pass through harmlessly through the small intestine and large intestine. Bowel obstruction and perforation are key complications to monitor for with serial KUB imaging. In addition, the foreign body in this case may contain harmful substances such as nicotine in high amounts and contains a battery which may have associated toxicity. Therefore foreign bodies with associated risk should be removed through endoscopy if remains in esophagus or stomach or proximal duodenum. In this case, the device was removed by the gastroenterologist.

Case submitted by Saeed Rad MD to radRounds Radiology Network