Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Nike Increases Discount to 20% Off for Healthcare Workers

Nike offers a 20% off discount for healthcare workers. Click here to go to the Nike website to qualify.

Under Armour offers 40% discount for healthcare workers

Under Armour® proudly offers 40%* off all purchases for all Active Duty Service Members, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, Military Family Members, as...

A Tissue Transparency Technique Lets Us Examine Organs Like Never Before

German researchers have created 3D technology to view every micrometer of an entire human organ. The unprecedented imaging technique called SHANEL allows...

Will Radiologists Continue to Work From Home in a Post-COVID-19 Society?

COVID-19 has strong-armed many sectors into converting their entire workforce into a telecommuting operation. Many healthcare facilities have followed suit by allowing...

The North Face offers 50% discount for healthcare workers

From The North Face: "As a small show of our heartfelt gratitude for their dedication and bravery in the face of the...

Free Pair of CROCS from Zappos for Healthcare Workers

We’re humbled to join forces with our friends at Crocs in their “A Free Pair for Healthcare”...

Dynamic Ventilator Reserve Program (Announced by White House April 14, 2020)

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Public-private effort launched to help distribute existing ventilators to high-need areas of the U.S.

Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo): Thank you Nurses and Doctors!

(NEW YORK, NY) - Via a post on The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Linkedin page, Jennifer Lopez issues a warm message of gratitude for...

Perhaps why Apple is hiring nurses… Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 contact tracing...

(SANTA CLARA, CA) - Apple and Google are partnering to provide COVID-19 contact tracing to enable case-based intervention across the world. ...

Chest X-Ray 101 (Frontal View)

For all those needing to do an increased amount of chest imaging, especially CXRs! Here is a basic frontal view anatomy...

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