Friday, August 14, 2020
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“The most famous nurse in the world” – Vanderbilt Nurse singing to cancer patient...

(NASHVILLE, TN) - From the patient's best friend, "My best friend Margaret was in the hospital at Vanderbilt Hospital. She was being...

Top Google Search Terms by the Public during COVID outbreak

(GOOGLE TRENDS) - As of 4/29/20, the top searches are as follows... healthcare related? Some -- see the concerns of the...

Basic Skill for Chest X-Rays: PA or AP?

Which X-Ray is AP and which one is PA? Click here for...

“COVID Toes” – New dermatologic finding you need to know

(AAD - American Academy of Dermatology) - "COVID Toes" is the latest new finding that dermatologists and others are studying closely. ...

Nurses are the Coronavirus Heroes

(LA TIMES AND WALL STREET JOURNAL) - A photo gallery shows the life of coronavirus heroes, the Nurses. The nurses are...

Case of the Day: Brain Mass on CT

Diagnosis = Aneurysm

Herman Miller offers 25% to Healthcare Heroes

(HERMAN MILLER) - Announces 25% off for healthcare workers, military personnel, and first responders.

Vineyard Vines offering 50% off for healthcare workers

50% OFF EVERYTHINGFOR HEALTHCARE HEROES AT VINEYARD VINES Doctors & Nurses, Military (Armed Forces & Uniformed Services) and...

Mechanism of Attack: COVID-19 (A visual illustration)

(SCIENCE) - A visual illustration of the lines of attack and mechanism in which the COVID-19 Coronavirus attacks our airway cells. ...

Nike’s New Brand Shoe for Medical Workers – Nike Pulse

Per Nike, the "Nike Air Zoom Pulse is a shoe for everyday heroes: nurses, doctors, home health providers, technologists, technicians, EMTs, frontline...

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