by Whitney Palmer

Cutting the time for a knee MRI protocol in half can accelerate image capture without compromising image resolution or quality.

It’s possible to capture the same quality images with MRI for some painful knee conditions in half the time, according to new research.

According to a study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, published in Radiology, a 5-minute MRI protocol is equivalent to a 10-minute one. These findings could make patient care faster and more effective, reducing the time patients are in discomfort.

“Rapid knee MRI using combined simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) technique and parallel imaging (PI) acceleration can add value through reduced acquisition time but requires validation of clinical efficacy,” said the team of investigators led by Filippo Del Grande, M.D.

A parallel imaging acquisition protocol or multi-slice acquisition captured at the same time are typical methods providers use to image and diagnose knee conditions with MRI in less time. But, is 10-minute scan short enough? Del Grande’s team wondered it were possible to cut that time in half.

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