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Post bulbar ulcers

Someone said the post-bulbar ulcers are usually large ones but what i've seen they are usually small...


CT of myxoid liposarcoma

Patellar Dislocation – X-Ray

Patellar Dislocation - X-Ray

Misplaced feeding tube on chest x-ray

Misplaced feeding tube on chest x-ray

Case of Day – Portal Venous Gas

An abdominal radiograph shows diffuse distention of the small bowel, relative paucity of colonic gas and hepatic...

Lung Biopsy – Chest CT Scan

VR reconstruction of a CT-guided Lung Biopsy. Submitted by radiologist, Dr. Michele Anzidei MD...

Pancreatitis shown in duodenography

The effect of pancreatitis over the duodenum is demonstrated by special changes in duodenum.

Beaking in sigmoid volvulus (Parrot!)

Barium enema not only confirms diagnosis of the volvulus or devolves it sometimes, but appearance of a...

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