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Splenic Abscess Ultrasound

Splenic Abscess Ultrasound

Hepatocellular Carcinoma on Ultrasound

Ultrasound image illustrates hypoechoic appearance of a solitary HCC.

Ultrasound sign – Water Lily Sign

Water Lily Sign - diagnostic of Hepatic Hydatid cyst

Normal Liver Size on Ultrasound

Normal Liver Size on Ultrasound (less than 13 cm approx) Normal Liver Size on Ultrasound (less than 13...

Appendicitis – Ultrasound

Diagnosis: Appendicitis Findings: Large dilated appendix in area of pain with surrounding free fluid...

Ascariasis in the Bile Duct (Ultrasound)

Diagnosis: Ascariasis (worm) in Bile Duct Modality: Ultrasound Credit: Case submitted...

Toxic Megacolon

This 55 years old male patient with known ulcerative colitis presented with fever and malaise suggesting a...

Carcinoid on CT of the Abdomen

Diagnosis: Carcinoid tumor Modality: CT of the abdomen Discussion:

Double Wall Sign

One of the valuable signs in diagnosis of the pneumoperitoneum in supine film of the abdomen.

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