Diagnosis: Partial Achilles Tendon Tear


  • A partial Achilles tendon tear is often characterized by MRI findings that include a disruption or interruption of the tendon fibers along with increased signal intensity within the tendon.
  • While other conditions like an enlarged subtalar joint, presence of a ganglion cyst, or thickening of the plantar fascia can also be visualized on MRI, the key feature of a partial Achilles tendon tear is the disruption and altered signal intensity within the tendon.
  • Disruption or interruption of the normal continuity of the Achilles tendon fibers.
  • Increased signal intensity within the affected portion of the tendon, often seen as areas of high signal on T2-weighted images.
  • Tendon thickening and swelling, particularly in the region of the tear.
  • The presence of fluid or edema surrounding the injured tendon.
  • Possible evidence of surrounding soft tissue inflammation or changes.

Source: Case submitted by Erica Weiss MD