Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Dynamic Ventilator Reserve Program (Announced by White House April 14, 2020)

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Public-private effort launched to help distribute existing ventilators to high-need areas of the U.S.

How Can Radiology and Emergency Medicine Departments Improve Communication?

By Julie Morse (radRounds) New research suggests that rifts between radiology and emergency medicine (EM) departments can be repaired...

Using AI and MRI to Detect ADHD

Researchers from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center are utilizing multichannel deep neural network model (mcDNN) in conjunction with MRI to predict attention deficit...

A Mammogram Leads to a COVID-19 Diagnosis

In what was supposed to be a MRI scan for a breast cancer staging turned into a COVID-19 diagnosis for a 68-year-old...

“COVID Toes” – New dermatologic finding you need to know

(AAD - American Academy of Dermatology) - "COVID Toes" is the latest new finding that dermatologists and others are studying closely. ...

Pes Anserine Bursitis

Submitted by Dr. Araceli Cabanillas MD to radRounds Radiology Network

Are Out-of-Pocket Expenses Deterring Women from Breast Cancer Screenings?

Patients who are diagnosed with a 2 percent chance of developing breast cancer are less likely to return for the recommended 6-month...

Experience from Asia: Semi Post COVID from the field in Hong Kong

Shared via Social Media (Facebook) Gina Smith is in Hong Kong.March 30 at 4:46 PM Today makes nine...

College student innovator creates facemasks for those hard of hearing and the deaf

(WOODFORD, KY) - Our future is in bright hands. A college student has invented a mask with a window, specifically a...

Deep Learning Helps Accelerate MRI Knee Exam Interpretation

The knee is the most commonly imaged body part by MRI, and a new study has found that deep learning model can accelerate MRI...

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