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Do You Wanna Be An X-Ray Tech? Better Read This First.

Article by Curtis Carpenter via radRounds Radiology Network Wanna be an RT? Think it's a quick 2 year degree?...

North Carolina Imaging Center Sued for Substandard Mammograms

A group of former patients of Raleigh Radiology filed a lawsuit this month against the imaging center for producing substandard mammograms and not meeting...

Nurses are the Coronavirus Heroes

(LA TIMES AND WALL STREET JOURNAL) - A photo gallery shows the life of coronavirus heroes, the Nurses. The nurses are...

Featured Reference: Radiography Review Flash Cards (LANGE)

Check this out on Amazon: LANGE Radiography Review Flashcards Improve your knowledge of...

What Happens When the State Won’t Let You Purchase a Scanner

A general surgeon in North Carolina wants to buy a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine to make procedures more affordable, but...

Radiology Case of the Day (CT Scan of COVID patient)

(RSNA) Lei et al has published findings describing common findings on CT scans of COVID-19. This case example demonstrates multiple ground...

Social versus Clinical Expectations around Masks

What is your position and professional position? Do you wear a mask in public and social situations? As...

Getting Rid of Annoying MRI Acoustics With Music

Researchers at Case Western University are turning the noisy and distressing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine acoustics into a lulling music box...

Could Gas-Based Contrast Agents Replace GBCAs?

Researchers from the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin and the California Institute of Technology are creating hyperpolarized xenon gas-based contrast...

Dynamic Ventilator Reserve Program (Announced by White House April 14, 2020)

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Public-private effort launched to help distribute existing ventilators to high-need areas of the U.S.

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