Friday, August 14, 2020
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Hazard Pay for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals Possible: White House, Donald Trump, and...

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Over the past months since the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare professionals have been on the frontlines of the battle. ...

rs-fMRI Helps Us Understand the Rate of Recovery for Unresponsive COVID-19 Patients

A case study recently published in the Annals of Neurology found that there is an optimistic outlook for severe COVID-19 patients who...

Chest X-Ray 101 (Frontal View)

For all those needing to do an increased amount of chest imaging, especially CXRs! Here is a basic frontal view anatomy...

Radiologic Technologist Salaries and Wages by State

Where do radiologic technologists make the most in salary and wages?  Looks like some of the top states include but are not...

Facebook and NYU Collaborate to Release the Largest Open-Source MRI Dataset

As a part of their FastMRI project to use artificial intelligence to speed up MRI procedures, New York University and Facebook have just introduced...

Herman Miller offers 25% to Healthcare Heroes

(HERMAN MILLER) - Announces 25% off for healthcare workers, military personnel, and first responders.

Using a Plant Virus to Create a Contrast Medium

Researchers at the University of Texas Dallas (UTD) are playing with alchemy by transforming a virus into an organic radical contrast agent...

Radiology #Inspiration

Artwork of the day #Radiology #Inspiration

Queen + Adam Lambert – ‘You Are The Champions’ (You = Healthcare Professionals –... Innovatively collaborating via Instagram between London, Cornwall and Los Angeles, Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam...

Varying Neurological Conditions in COVID-19 Patients

In a group of COVID-19 patients at a Paris hospital, half showed pathological MRI findings, according to a study published this month...

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