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This is a 15 year old female patient complaining of chronic pain in epigastric region. Her mother...

Small bowel volvulus

Diagnosis: Small bowel volvulus Credit: Case submitted by Dr. Saeed Rad to radRounds Radiology...

Biliary Hamartomas in the Liver

Diagnosis: Biliary hemartomas. For complete description of case, please visit (credit)

Adrenal Hemorrhage

Diagnosis: Adrenal hemorrhage Modality: MRI Credit: RadsWiki If...

Splenic Abscess Ultrasound

Splenic Abscess Ultrasound


Diagnosis: Achalasia Diagnosis: Achalasia Findings on Imaging:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohn’s disease with Ileal inflammation

Diagnosis: Crohn's disease Modality: Barium / Fluoroscopy Findings: Wall thickening of...

Esophageal Tumor

Diagnosis: Mid esophageal concentric thickening consistent with esophageal malignancy

Double Wall Sign

One of the valuable signs in diagnosis of the pneumoperitoneum in supine film of the abdomen.

Carcinoid on CT of the Abdomen

Diagnosis: Carcinoid tumor Modality: CT of the abdomen Discussion:

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