Siemens has added the MAGNETOM Altea, a versatile and automated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to its line of sophisticated imaging machines.

Recently introduced at the latest Radiological Society of North America annual conference in Chicago, the 1.5 Tesla scanner features a wide 70-cm bore that can support larger patients. It includes Siemen’s artificial intelligence-powered BioMatrix technology and Select&Go Interface, which can streamline and improve workflow activity. The Select&Go eliminates the need to initiate anatomical landmarking, making it easier and quicker to position the patient.

To generate easily reproducible scan procedures, the MAGNETOM Altea was built with Tim 4G and Day Optimizing Throughput (Dot) automation. It’s also equipped with an optional dockable table for patient safety and to enhance workflow.

Scans are processed faster with MAGNETOM Altea’s Turbo Suite acceleration packages. The packages are a set of applications that can be programmed to specific speeds for routine scans of certain parts of the body, and can cut scan time in half while still delivering the same high-quality image.

Keeping patient comfort in mind, Siemens offers an in-bore infotainment system that features both sound and video. Check out Siemen’s informational video about their new system here: