A group of former patients of Raleigh Radiology filed a lawsuit this month against the imaging center for producing substandard mammograms and not meeting American College of Radiology (ACR) standards.

Lawyers of plaintiff Emily Cram, a Wake County resident, filed the December 31 suit on her behalf. Cram had undergone three mammograms at Raleigh Radiology’s Blue Ridge location between November 7, 2017 and November 6, 2019, a period of time of which the ACR stated in a review that the clinic didn’t meet their imaging standards. After the ACR review, the center was mandated to inform all patients that mammography services had been suspended due to substandard deficient images. Cram is suing because in her letter, she was not told if her images were reviewed by the ACR and whether or not they were found to be deficient, and believes that there’s no way of telling if there were any abnormalities detected in the images.

Cram is seeking refunds for those breast cancer screenings and funds for repeat mammograms or re-reviews of those images. Other patients are joining the lawsuit, and the case is expected to become class action. Raleigh Radiology has stated that their other locations remain fully accredited and are performing effective mammograms. However, CBS discovered that a number of women had undergone repeat screenings at the center’s Cary location.