The radiology department at the University of Rochester Medicine has fully embraced artificial intelligence (AI) with their recent announcement that they’re testing Aidoc, an artificial intelligence-based software that analyzes medical images to detect abnormalities.

The testing program is part of the American College of Radiology’s DSI ASSESS-AI registry, an initiative to determine how AI solutions impact radiology practices. With careful evaluation of various AI programs, healthcare institutions can decide on the most effective AI protocol.

The Aidoc solution is being used in conjunction with Nuance’s PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration Platform, a service that streamlines various imaging systems to make tasks more efficient. The goal of integrating the two systems is to re-prioritize worklists. 

At the University of Rochester Medicine, Aidoc will be used to automatically identify and prioritize CT scans demonstrating critical pathologies. According to HealthData Management, “the combined Aidoc-Nuance solution enables radiologists to better capture value from AI.”

“By participating in the ACR registry program, we also ensure the highest quality of patient care and lead the way for quality of care improvement in other hospitals as well,” said David L. Waldman, MD, PhD, professor and department chair of imaging sciences at University of Rochester Medical Center. “We’re excited to be able to demonstrate this complete solution in action on our premises.”