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Diagnosis: Myelomeningocele with Chiari II malformation

Description: Myelomeningocele with Chiari II malformation. Sagittal and axial oblique single-shot fast spin-echo T2-weighted MR images of the fetal central nervous system show discontinuity of skin and subcutaneous tissue (arrowheads) in the lumbosacral region with herniation of nervous tissue through the spina bifida (thin arrows in b), forming the placode, which is exposed to the amniotic fluid (thick arrow). There is expansion of the adjacent subarachnoid space (*). Chiari II malformation is characterized by a small posterior fossa (dotted white circle in a), a slitlike fourth ventricle, and herniation of the cerebellar tonsils or vermis through the foramen magnum (dotted white line).⁠