20-days old male presented with heart failure. The arch is interrupted between left CCA and SCA. The pulmonary artery is markedly dilated and connected to descending aorta via large PDA giving the appearance of a low aortic arch. The PA is much larger than ascending aorta. Other associated anomalies in this case included VSD and large sinus venosus ASD.
Aortic arch interruption is a rare congenital anomaly that commonly causes death in the neonatal period. Composed of triad of:
1-Interrupted aortic arch
3-PDA (Pulmonary artery supplies lower part of the body).
Type A: distal to left SCA (42%).
Type B: between left CCA and SCA (53%) associated with DiGeorge
Type C: between innominate and left CCA.
Prognosis: 76% mortality in 1st month.
Reference: Dahnert 2003: Radiology Review Manual: Cardiovascular disorders. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Credit: Dr Ahmed Haroun