Functioning Ovarian Tumor contributed via our partner RiT.

Coronal reformatted CT image shows a very large mixed cystic/solid mass in the abdomen/pelvis of a 25-year-old woman presenting with hirsutism. On CT, her normal right ovary is not visualized. The left ovary is normal.


* Several ovarian tumors and tumorlike conditions can produce estrogen or androgen, resulting in signs and symptoms of hyperestrogenism or hyperandrogenism
* Enlarged uterus with thick endometrium can be seen on imaging in patients with hyperestrogenism

Tumors/tumorlike conditions producing hyperandrogenism

* Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor
* Leydig cell tumor
* Gynandoblastoma
* Germ cell tumor (carcinoid)
* Brenner tumor
* Tumorlike conditions (polycystic ovary syndrome, stromal hyperplasia, stromal hyperthecosis, hyperreactio luteinalis, pregnant luteoma)

Tumors producing hyperestrogenism

* Granulosa cell tumor
* Thecoma
* Serous epithelial tumor
* Mucinous epithelial tumor
* Endometrioid tumor

Tumors that can produce either estrogen or androgen

* Metastatic tumor
* Stromal luteoma
* Sclerosing stromal tumor

Our case: Carcinoid tumor of the right ovary.


Tanaka YO, Tsunoda H, Kitagawa Y, et al. Functioning ovarian tumors: direct and indirect findings at MR imaging. Radiographics 2004;24:S147-S166.