Diagnosis: Double Aortic Arch

Modality: CT of the Chest (Pediatric)

Findings: On this pediatric CT, a double aortic arch is visualized on cross section looping posteriorly to the esophagus and airway. Double aortic arch in this case was diagnosed due to symptoms related to esophageal and tracheal obstruction.

Key Points: Double aortic arches are one of the more commonly seen variants of the greater vessels and aortic arch variants (up to 60-70% of all vascular rings). For surgical planning, CT is best to help identify the specific course and subtype of the variant. Chest radiograph may be used for initial work-up but for more detailed evaluation, cross sectional imaging with CT and MR helps inform surgical approach.

Credit: Case submitted by Dr. Manjula Dhinakar MD to radRounds Radiology Network