Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Anesthesia before MRI Results in Death of Teen

A 14-year girl in England has died due to complications of being anesthetized prior to her imaging scan. Alice...

MRI Shows How Excessive Screen Time Impacts White Matter in Young Children

A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) cross-sectional study using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has found that young children who spend more than an hour...

Is Your Identity At Risk When You Undergo a Facial MRI?

Facial recognition software could jeopardize patient confidentiality standards when used to analyze MRI images, according to a new study conducted by the...

New Portable MRI Could Change the Way We Approach Emergency Imaging

Jonathan Rothberg, an entrepreneur with a knack for developing creative solutions for imaging needs, is adding a portable MRI scanner about the...

Are Out-of-Pocket Expenses Deterring Women from Breast Cancer Screenings?

Patients who are diagnosed with a 2 percent chance of developing breast cancer are less likely to return for the recommended 6-month...

What Happens When the State Won’t Let You Purchase a Scanner

A general surgeon in North Carolina wants to buy a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine to make procedures more affordable, but...

Radiologists Identify the Relationship Between Lung Injury Patterns and Vaping

Once considered a safer alternative to cigarettes, radiologists are now drawing connections between vaping and lung injury patterns, according to a study published this...

MRI Helps Us Distinguish Benign from Malignant Meningioma

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could be a successful technology for understanding the severity of meningioma, according to a study recently published in Clinical Radiology.

Anti-Radiation Poison Pill Also Effective at Eliminating GBCAs from the Body

The chelator pill, a medication that was developed to rid the body of radioactive elements, has a 96 percent efficacy rate at...

How Can We Improve Referring Physician-Patient Discussions About Breast Cancer Screenings?

Many radiologists are concerned that mammography information provided by referring physicians is confusing for patients, and they want to be more involved...

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