Sunday, May 9, 2021

Algorithm Predicts Neurodevelopment Issues in Babies

A new MRI software can predict brain development problems in newborn babies, including motor development disorders.  In a study...

New Portable MRI Has High Brain Abnormality Detection Rate

A recent study from Yale University has discovered that a portable, low-field MRI is successful at assessing brain injury. 

Is this backpack better than an fMRI?

Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles have created a portable, full-spectrum brain monitoring system that looks like a backpack. 

Patients Are Purchasing MRI Scans on Groupon. Why?

Imaging centers are peddling discounted scans through e-commerce sites such as Groupon. However, this marketing tactic is probably not giving patients the...

New MRI Cleaning Device Adds Another Level of Protection Against COVID-19

To circumvent the COVID-19 safety obstacles presented with MRI scans, a group of Australian researchers has developed a low-cost MRI bore cleaning...

UV-C Light Effective at Eradicating 99.9 % of COVID-19 Particles in MRI scanners

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University are experimenting with UV light as a way to disinfect imaging scanners.  In their...

FDA Grants Clearance for GE’s SIGNA 70T MRI

The Food and Drug Administration has awarded clearance to GE Healthcare’s SIGNA 70T MRI scanner, which has been deemed the most powerful...

The FDA Urges the Use of Metal-Free Masks During Imaging Exams

After an incident where a patient who was wearing a mask burned their face during an MRI exam, the Food and Drug...

Diagnostic Imaging Feature: What’s on the Horizon with MRI for Neuroradiology

7T MRI and MR-Guided Ultrasound presents new clinical opportunities in the pipeline. By Whitney J. Palmer

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