Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Algorithm Predicts Neurodevelopment Issues in Babies

A new MRI software can predict brain development problems in newborn babies, including motor development disorders.  In a study...

New Portable MRI Has High Brain Abnormality Detection Rate

A recent study from Yale University has discovered that a portable, low-field MRI is successful at assessing brain injury. 

Is this backpack better than an fMRI?

Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles have created a portable, full-spectrum brain monitoring system that looks like a backpack. 

Patients Are Purchasing MRI Scans on Groupon. Why?

Imaging centers are peddling discounted scans through e-commerce sites such as Groupon. However, this marketing tactic is probably not giving patients the...

New MRI Cleaning Device Adds Another Level of Protection Against COVID-19

To circumvent the COVID-19 safety obstacles presented with MRI scans, a group of Australian researchers has developed a low-cost MRI bore cleaning...

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