Monday, November 30, 2020
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Automated Classification of IVC Filters: Another conquest by AI / deep learning

See the latest article and research entitled "Deep Learning for Automated Classification of Inferior Vena Cava Filter Types on Radiographs" by Dr....

How Can Radiology and Emergency Medicine Departments Improve Communication?

By Julie Morse (radRounds) New research suggests that rifts between radiology and emergency medicine (EM) departments can be repaired...

Do You Wanna Be An X-Ray Tech? Better Read This First.

Article by Curtis Carpenter via radRounds Radiology Network Wanna be an RT? Think it's a quick 2 year degree?...

Radiologic Technologist Salaries and Wages by State

Where do radiologic technologists make the most in salary and wages?  Looks like some of the top states include but are not...

Launch of New Image Exchange Platform for COVID-19 Cases

radRounds Radiology Network and Idonia are partnering to provide a professional Image Exchange Platform to facilitate collaboration, exchange...

Can Artificial Intelligence effectively and ethically detect COVID-19?

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a viable solution to the COVID-19 testing crisis? This has been a major question buzzing...

College student innovator creates facemasks for those hard of hearing and the deaf

(WOODFORD, KY) - Our future is in bright hands. A college student has invented a mask with a window, specifically a...

Social versus Clinical Expectations around Masks

What is your position and professional position? Do you wear a mask in public and social situations? As...

May the 4th be with you – even Stormtroopers have to stay at home

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