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Turkey in the Oven

Turkey in the Oven on Ultrasound!

Ultrasound sign – Water Lily Sign

Water Lily Sign - diagnostic of Hepatic Hydatid cyst

Pericarditis – Cardiac MRI

Pericarditis. 2-chamber DE-MRI demonstrates diffuse, intense pericardial enhancement, more prominent inferiorly, consistent with acute pericarditis.



Mother and Child MRI Scan

Source: "Why I captured this MRI of mother and child" -

Fracture – Galeazzi XR

Musculosketal Imaging / Radiology Teaching Files

Rugger Jersey Spine – Renal Osteodystrophy

Rugger Jersey Spine - Renal Osteodystrophy #radtwitter #radiology #FOAMrad #radiologist #MedEd #radrounds 

Appendicitis on CT

Appendicitis on CT

Nipple Shadows on Chest X-Ray

Fig.2: Repeat exam with nipple markers (arrowheads) confirmed the nodule to be a nipple shadow. Note that...

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